DNN 05.06.01 PE - Lightbox Gallery 01.04.01

Feb 2, 2011 at 4:24 PM


I installed the module into a child portal (which is going to become our intranet site) and noted no errors during the installation.  I was able to add an album and point it the pictures which we want to display.

Yet, no matter which browser I've tried (Chrome, Opera, Firefox nor IE8), when I click on the pictures, they open in in the same tab, full-screen.  The modal pop-up isn't occurring even though I pretty much checked everything in the album settings.

Why is this occurring?  Am I missing something?  I've tried adding a .doctype.xml file to each of the different skin files I have for this child portal, but this doesn't seemed to have worked.

Sorry, but since it's still in the development side, I can't include a website link.

Something off topic and odd, when I'm logged in as an admin to make changes to the content, the edit.gif picture in the top right of the gallery module isn't shown; red 'x' box, picture not found.  It's looking for the picture at http://development/intranet/edit.gif.

Also, when pointing the album folder to the images folder I want to display in the gallery, its using the portal root folder for the auto-fill instead of the child portal root folder.

Thanks.. -Jeff

Apr 6, 2011 at 6:39 AM

This appears to be a conflict with jQuery either not being loaded, too many instances of jQuery loaded, or a JavaScript error/conflict on your site preventing the jQuery library and plugins from executing.  This would be specific to your site.  Can you confirm?