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How to Add Albums to the Lightbox Gallery Module

1. Add images using the File Manager in the Admin menu.

2. Add the Lightbox Gallery to an existing page.

3. Use the Add Album option in the actions menu of the module.

Add Album Using the Actions Menu

4. Enter the name of the album. This will appear above the description, and will also be used as a caption for the lightbox images.

Album Settings

5. Enter the description of the album.

6. Begin typing the name of the album. The textbox will use autocomplete to enter the name of the folder where your images are. Unfortunately, the autocomplete plugin is case-sensitive. Choose the name when you see it.

Specify Your Album Folder Using Autocomplete

7. The default Lightbox settings are generally fine for nearly all gallery implementations. Changing them is completely optional. Click the "show settings" link to edit those settings.

Lightbox Settings

8. The settings should all be self-explanatory, thanks to their inline help text. These settings will be unique to each album. Therefore, each album you add could potentially have a completely different behavior.

9. Click Update to add the album. It should appear immediately.

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