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Project Description
This is a very simple module built for DotNetNuke which allows you to add a lightbox image gallery to your DotNetNuke website. This module was originally created for my 2009 Jacksonville Code Camp session as a proof of concept.

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WillStrohl.LightboxGallery Module for DotNetNuke®

This is a module that I originally wrote to support a session at the 2009 Jacksonville Code Camp. The objective was to show some uses of how jQuery could be integrated into a DNN module. Basically, this module uses a jQuery plugin for the popular Lightbox image slideshow. As of right now, we use the following plugin: Fancybox jQuery Plugin

Demo Site:

The features of this module include:
  • Easy submission and creation of photo albums
  • Easy navigation of images
  • Integrate common DNN functionality
  • You can add, update, and delete albums
  • The module is 100% localized
  • Albums support Name and Description
  • Thumbnails are automatically generated for you
  • 100% compatible with Microsoft Azure
  • 100% compatible with DotNetNuke v6 folder provider model



Showcase Sites

Possible Features in the Future

  • Include Date/Time for albums
  • Include Geotagging for albums
  • Make it easier to specify the images folder for each album
  • Image uploader
  • Specify a Description for each image
  • Social network sharing features
  • RSS feed
  • Template system
  • Tagging system

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